Simple Funeral Invitation Messages: Losing a family member or close one is bad for anyone, however, even in times of great despair, other customs and traditions should be maintained in honor of the deceased. A funeral is a very important event and a way to honor and remember the deceased. After the death of a person, all his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances should be informed about this tragic event. This is by no means an easy task. Most people don’t know what to write about funeral invitations. So here are some examples of funeral invitation messages, Quotes, and names.

Simple Funeral Invitation Messages

Funeral invitation sample
Funeral invitation sample

[Name] lived a very good life. He even took one last breath, enjoying his time. I hope you will all remember his zeal for life. Please come to [Place] tomorrow. We have a small funeral for him.

With great sadness, we would like to inform you that [name] is no longer with us. We held a family funeral. I hope you will come and be with us.

Everyone will have to leave when their time comes. This is the truth of life. We hold a funeral service to remember the deceased soul. May his soul rest in peace.

We would like to inform you with a heavy heart that [name] passed away this morning. We are planning a small funeral tomorrow. Keep Him in your prayers.

We will all have to leave someday. And [name] has left us all today. I hope you will come to his funeral and say goodbye for the last time.

[Name] was a good lady with a good heart. He always cared for everyone around him. I hope he will come and say goodbye for the last time to him tomorrow at the funeral.

In remembrance of love [name], we held a funeral tomorrow at [Place]. I hope you will join us in your prayers. Lunch will be provided at the funeral hall.

Funeral Invitation Quotes

funeral invitation cards
funeral invitation cards

We would like to inform you, [name] passed away this morning. I hope you will always remember his happy face. Please join us tomorrow at his funeral.

I invite you to join us for the funeral of my dear grandmother. Please be there at 5:00 pm to pray for his peaceful and peaceful soul.

The funeral of my dear grandmother is scheduled for Thursday. May your presence bless his soul. Funeral Invitation SMS.

[notice type = ”attention”] With all our hearts, we invite you to attend your grandfather’s funeral. Please expand your thoughts and prayers. [/ Notification]

Knowing that my great-grandmother has just said goodbye to all of us, I would like to invite you to join us for her funeral. Please be present as she would like you to be by her side. Funeral Invitation Quotes.

[notice type = “info”] I know it must be hard for you to accept the loss of Mrs. Taylor, but please be present at this funeral ceremony. [/ notice]

You are warmly invited to the funeral of my Grandmother. Funeral Invitation SMS.

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