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Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom Day Message

“He who does not grieve in sorrow and does not rejoice in joy is free from fear and attachment, and gold and dust like him and who has renounced all praise and suspicion (flattery and slander) and is protected from greed, attached to pride and pride …. when the disciple receives this blessed state of mind and meets the Lord as water and water. “

“Mother, I am blessed with the riches of God’s Name. My mind is free from wandering and is established peacefully. Avarice and the love of the world cannot touch me and pure divine knowledge fills me. Greed and desire cannot affect me. I am completely focused on the devotion of the Lord. “

“O saints, cast off the Ego, and always flee from lust, wrath, and evil company. One should consider the same pain and joy, honor, and disappointment. One must give up both fame and fortune and even seek salvation. This is a very difficult process and it is not uncommon for a humble person (Gurmukh) to step on it. “

“Anyone who overcomes his pride and sees that the Lord is the creator of all things, that person has acquired ‘Jiwan Mukti’ (released while still alive), knows this as the real truth,” said Nakano.

Happy Guru Tegh Bahadur Quotes

“Real awareness of the real state of this material world, whose extinct, transient, and deceptive features begin in the grieving process.”

“Give up your head, but do not abandon those you have vowed to protect. Give your life, but do not give up your faith.”

May Gugu wish you happiness and success on this day of honor. Gugu is the happiest of them all. Happy Guru Tegh Bahadur Wishes

I put my head in my hands. “Oh, I don’t know. I do not know where love ends and habit begins -” Who? – Alexis Hall, Happy Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom Day Message

There are some people who need to put a label on their neck to show that they are not Christians at all, otherwise, we can mistake them as sinners, their actions are like those of the ungodly. – Charles Spurgeon

Like first love, a place where peace is first found never, forget it. – Louise Penny, Guru Tegh Bahadur Images Quotes

Gugu Tegh Bahadur laid down her life to protect
her personality on November 11, 1675, in Chandni Chowk, Delhi,
In the place where Gugu sanctified her blood, now
stands Gurdwara Sis Ganj. This is a memorial to the great Gugu
it points to the invincibility of the human soul and the vulnerability
of temporary authority.

Heritage mart3rrdom aims to protect
Hindus from persecution at the hands of Aurangzeb wanted
to convert them to Islam. Ku-Bachitra Natak Guru Gob-
and Singh pays tribute to his father. Happy Martyrdom Day 2024

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