Happy Chocolate Day Status For GF, Quotes, Messages & Images

message for chocolate day
message for chocolate day

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Best Happy Chocolate Day Status For GF

chocolate day quotes for girlfriend
Happy Chocolate Day Status For GF

Dear, chocolate is usually the most delicious when I share it with you. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Thank you for coming into my life and filling it with so much fun. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

No one cares for me as much as you do. He has filled my life with love. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Your love is sweeter than the sweetest chocolate in the world. I always love you, darling. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

It doesn’t matter if it is bitter or sweet, chocolate is always sweet to have. I love you honey We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

You are just like chocolate, it is often sweet and sometimes bitter. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Some are sweet, some are nut, some are sweet but there is no chocolate like you. Happy chocolate day !!

Only those friends who are precious will bring you chocolate whenever they meet you. Happy chocolate day !!

All I want in life is you, you, just you … and a box full of chocolate..P.S.- I love you so much … Happy Chocolate Day !!

Chocolate Day Messages

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Happy Chocolate Day Quotes

The sweetness of the chocolate can stay on your tongue for a few minutes but the touch of my lips will be there .. forever … Happy Chocolate Day! .. Love you!

Love is not about how long you have been dating, it’s about how good the trip was … Happy Chocolate Day Quotes !!

Sweet Chocolate Day in my love is sweeter than chocolate .. I love you!

No jewelery, no gifts, no money to impress my baby who is as sweet as chocolate.

Chocolate Day today … A great day to tell you that I love to share everything with you .. Even CHANGE .. I love you so much!

You are the sweetest person I have ever met in this world … So, here is a box full of your chocolate … Happy Chocolate Day !!

You are Cadbury, I am silk; you are kit, I am kat, you are equal to five, well, I am a star. All I want to say is you complete me my love … I love you .. Happy Chocolate Day !!

I know you love chocolate more than I do, so here is a barrier to chocolate for all kids.

Hello, my chocolate baby, I love you and I know how to make you happy, images for chocolate day.

Chocolate will make you fat, but I can see you’re upset. So, eat chocolate the way you want, you will still love it.

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes

chocolate day messages for boyfriend
happy chocolate day messages

Chocolate is your weakness and I would love to see you weak and melt with me. Here is your chocolate bundle.

Have a great chocolate day, you’re the only guy who loves cholocate and this made me fall in love with you.

Happy Chocolate Day to you my real dark chocolate. Let’s celebrate the chocolate day together, have everything with chocolate all around.

Hello, chocolate day. You know my favorite chocolate and it is my favorite flavor. Images for chocolate day

Chocolate flower for college chocolate boy. Have a great day and share it with me

Here is something that disturbs the chocolate in my boy chocolate. I love you dear! And I will always love you until I breathe my last.

Do you know why I love you so much? That’s because you have a chocolate shop. Happy chocolate day.

Happy chocolate day is loved. I wish the sweetness of chocolate always abounds in your relationship

Have a great chocolate day, let’s dip in chocolate and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Quotes For Chocolate Day

chocolate day messages for husband
happy chocolate day messages

Happy chocolate day to you my love, here is my handmade chocolate for you, I call it my sweetheart.

May this Chocolate Day give you a lot of love and happiness. Happy chocolate day.

I’ve Seen Many Shops To Buy You The Best Chocolate. But I Didn’t Find A Better Chocolate Than You And Your Smile.

After a lump of chocolate, one can forgive anyone, even relatives. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

On this chocolate day, I am sending you a chocolate rose from my heart to make it more delicious than ever.

Chocolate is a true friend, someone you can count on and a loyal lover. ”
We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

There Is Nothing Better Than A Good Friend, Except a Good Friend Enough Chocolate – Happy Chocolate Day !!

A very special gift to make or feel special is to give them their favorite chocolate. Happy chocolate day for my special one.

It’s as sweet as the love you have for chocolate. She’s a lovely chocolate lover, a beautiful chocolate day!

He’s my Chocó pie and my whole milk pie all the time. You bet if you feel low or high, but I love you baby. Happy chocolate day!

Every time we fight I surprise you with chocolate, every time we make love I surprise you with chocolate and today I will surprise you again with your favorite chocolate. Happy chocolate day!

Happy Chocolate Day SMS

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images for chocolate day

With these smooth chocolates, may our relationship be smooth and happy. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

My love for you is like chocolate, full of sweetness. Let’s fill the void in each other’s lives. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Nothing can describe happiness without chocolate, let’s get together and say “Kuch meetha ho jaye”. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Let’s be together forever and eat all the chocolate in the world. I love you. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

It tastes like chocolate. I love you honey Always be mine. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Your smile makes my heart melt. Always smile and be loved. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Whenever I eat my favorite chocolate, I am always reminded of you; a little spicy and very tasty.

We wish you a wonderful chocolate day!

Honey, I have no words to show my love for you, so I’m sending you this chocolate. We wish you a wonderful chocolate day, dear!