Darwin day quotes: Darwin Day is celebrated on 12 February to celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday. On this day, all of Darwin’s contributions to science are highlighted. Darwin Day is celebrated around the world in educational institutions such as schools and colleges. Darwin’s day is celebrated since his death in 1882. Send Your Charles Darwin Day Messages.

Charles Darwin Day Quotes, Messages

We should visit his burial place in Westminster Abbey as today is his birthday and Darwin’s Day.

The University of Georgia is organizing an event on Darwin Day. We should definitely go to it.

Let’s thank Charles Darwin for his contributions to science. We wish you a wonderful Darwin day.

We have to go to college today because they are doing a special event on Darwin Day.

People should stop criticizing Charles Darwin and enjoy his work. Not many people can do what science has done for them.

Charles Darwin was so famous that thousands of people attended his funeral, and he was buried with Issac Newton and John Herschel.

In Darwin’s day, we should receive his book, On The Origin of Species. I am particularly interested in his views on evolution.

Quotes For Darwin Day 2024

If my life were to live again, I would make it a rule to read poetry and listen to certain music at least once a week.

If the suffering of the poor is not due to natural law, but to our institutions, then our sin is great.

The mystery of the beginning of all things is not in us. and I myself must be content to remain atheist.

Man’s choice is for his own good: The environment is the one he cares for. ” – Charles Darwin

“Freedom of thought is best enhanced by the gradual enlightenment of the minds of men following scientific advances.” – Charles Darwin

“Intelligence is based on the ability of a particular species to function perfectly in order to survive.” – Charles Darwin

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